Mountain View
Preparatory School

(formerly Tavasci Elementary School)

Cottonwood, Arizona

2004 – 2006

A K-8 Elementary School for 650 Students. Phase 1 includes Core Facilities for the K-8 School, a New Gymnasium/Cafeteria, Kitchen, Library, Computer Classroom, Administration, Special Education Classrooms, Music and Art Classrooms and Kindergarten through 5th Grade Classrooms (student population: 325). Outdoor Facilities include a Central Wash/River Way with 3 Covered Outdoor Learning Centers, Kindergarten Playground, K-5 Playgrounds, 2 Basketball Courts and a Soccer/Baseball Field. Phase 2 includes Classroom Facilities for 6th through 8th Grades (student population: 325). This project is funded by the State of Arizona School Facilities Board (SFB) and includes Passive Solar Design and Green Building Materials.

Presently functions as a K-8 International Baccalaureate School.