Sustainable Architecture

Architecture Works GREEN, Inc. is a full service architectural firm established in 1983 by Reynold P. Radoccia, Architect/ Builder, in Clarkdale, Arizona. The focus of our firm is in Educational, Public/Municipal, Commercial, Industrial, Residential and Community Oriented Projects. We have designed projects in 24 states and are presently licensed in 5 states while holding inactive licenses in 8 others.

Our philosophy is to create architecture that meets our Client’s needs while being environmentally responsible and affordable. We take an individual and creative approach to each of our projects, thoroughly analyzing the project requirements including programming, site orientation, design alternatives and material selection. Sustainable principles, green and non-toxic building products, passive and active solar design, energy and water conservation are all incorporated into our projects.

We realize that in today’s unique and challenging environment there is significant value in revitalizing and modernizing existing buildings and structures. We specialize in sustainable renovations and building restorations.

In all cases we are committed to providing responsible architectural solutions that enhance the present and contribute positively to the future.