Our firm has been built around a very talented and dedicated staff. Our collective experience includes our education, travel, varied architectural interests and the common goal to participate in sustainable growth for ourselves and our community. We currently employ 2 full time licensed Architects, an Intern/CAD Drafter, Office Manager/Bookkeeper and a part time Interior Design Consultant. Maintaining this size over the past fourteen years has proved successful as it allows for a more personal and familiar Architect/Client relationship.

Reynold P. Radoccia, President, AIA LEED-AP BD+C

Upon completing his education and architectural internship in New York City, Rennie came to the southwest in 1974 to work at Arcosanti, Paolo Soleri’s visionary project. It was there that he realized the contrast between his previous lifestyle and the one Arizona had to offer him. His decision to stay, live and build a practice of Architecture came quickly during those early days in the southwest. It was in 1983 that he formed Architecture Works GREEN, Inc. View Resume

Jason Federbush, Project Architect

Jason obtained his Masters of Architecture from the University of Michigan. He worked in New York City where he obtained his license to practice Architecture. Jason has been with Architecture Works GREEN, Inc. since 2000. View Resume

Nadia Begin, Architectural Associate

Nadia obtained her Bachelor of Architecture from the University of Montreal. She worked and lived at Arcosanti, AZ and Auroville, India where she learned Sustainable Architecture and Community Development first hand. Nadia has been with Architecture Works GREEN, Inc. since 2004. View Resume