Krueger Residence

Cornville, Arizona

January 2016 – August 2020

A New 2,200 s.f. Single Family, 3 Bedroom Residence with a 900 s.f. Covered Deck, designed & built in Oak Creek Valley, Cornville, Arizona. The Property lies along Oak Creak and is in the Floodway. The Living Level had to be raised 9′-0″ above the property grade on a series of 14″ diameter concrete columns. The home was designed with all the interior wood details and cabinets in a “Traditional Craftsman Style”. The design takes in Passive Solar Principles and High Efficiency Systems & Materials. Some of these include, building orientation, shading with overhangs, high efficiency wood framed windows, spray foam urethane insulation, an air exchange system, a high SEER electric heat pump HVAC system with programmable thermostats and energy star appliances & LED Lighting.
The home has a 7.3 KW Photovoltaic Roof Top Grid Tie System to supplement the electrical needs.

Photos by: Jessica Jameson Photography