Friends of the Verde River Center

Camp Verde, Arizona

2023 – 2024

Planning Phase for a New River Center adjacent to the Verde River. This 6,604 S.F. Conditioned Indoor Space (includes Public and Private Areas) & 1,025 S.F. Covered Outdoor Theater Space includes:

  1. The PUBLIC AREA, of 4,732 S.F.: Visitors Center; covered Public Entry, Reception, Gallery, River Center Store, Interactive Educational Displays, Murals, and Models. Public Meeting Rooms including 2 small Breakout Rooms, seating 30 people each, 2 large Meeting Rooms, seating 65 people each, Covered Outdoor Theater including a Stage Platform, seating for 130 people, Kitchen, Storage Closets and Public Toilets.

  2. The PRIVATE AREA (Staff), 2,825 S.F. includes Covered Staff Entry, Library, Open Office Areas for approx. 10 Staff, Director’s Office, Accounting Office, 1 Small Office (for flexible use), Large Conference Room, seating up to 20 people, Staff Lounge including an Outdoor Covered Patio, Water Testing Laboratory, Chemical Testing Laboratory, Support, Toilets and Utility Spaces.

  3. Outdoor and Support Spaces: Large Garage for ¾ Ton Truck, Chipper Shredder, Workshop and Smaller Equipment Storage, Area for Solar Controls, Inverters, Disconnects and Batteries (transfer system), Photovoltaic Solar System including Rooftop Mounting and Parking Lot Shade Structures, Compost Bins with Gates, Dumpster and Recycling Area, 3-5000 Gallon Rainwater Collection Tanks and Related System.

  4. Public Outdoor Areas: Covered Gathering Areas, Educational Interactive Display Areas, Sunken Shaded “Stone Circle” for Outdoor Events. Childrens “Natural” Play Area, Pathways leading into the State Park and to the Verde River, Sustainable, Xeric and Edible Landscaping, Landscaping supporting Passive Solar Design.

  5. Energy and Environmental Design Considerations: Achieve Net Zero Energy Costs, Passive Solar Design, Photovoltaic Grid tie and Transfer System with Battery Backup, Rainwater Collection System, Graywater Plumbing, EV Charging, Permeable Parking Lot Surfacing (Tru-Grid), Interconnectivity with local transportation systems (bike paths and sidewalks), Ultimately strive to achieve LEED Gold Certification.