Clarkdale Newstand Renovations

Clarkdale, Arizona

2023 – Present

Renovations of 2 Historic Commercial Buildings built in 1917  on Main Street in Clarkdale

909 Main Street: (Former Commercial 1 Story Building)

Renovate the Existing First Floor into a New Commercial Kitchen & Public Seating Area. New Kitchen to serve the New Bar @ 911 Main Street Building.

Design a new Second Floor with (2) 1-Bedroom Apartment Units. Renovate the Existing Roof to incorporate a New Roof Terrace for the tenants in the New Apartment Units. Site work includes New Sidewalk Seating @ 909 & 911 Main, New permeable Paving Parking Area in the rear of the site for the Apartment Residence, and New Utility Upgrades.

911 Main Street: Renovate the existing 2020 s.f. Newstand Bar & detached 760 s.f. 2-Bedroom Apartment Building.

The Newstand Renovations include a new bar/lounge, New Seating Areas, New Fireplace, Public ADA Toilets, a New Interior Stairs to Access a New mezzanine & Toilets, New Rooftop Outdoor Bar with Seating for 49 Persons. New Infrastructure including Electric Upgrades & Fire Sprinklers throughout. Interior Design includes striping the Existing Plaster off the Original Brick Walls & exposing the Original Wood Rafter Roof/ Ceiling. Renovate the existing 1-Story Apartment in the rear detached building into a new 2 bedroom apartment.